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May 19, 2021 3 min read


Summer is just around the corner and the UK has just relaxed its
next level of Coronavirus restrictions. As from Monday the 17th of
May, UK residents are now allowed to travel abroad for a some
much needed sun and a holiday. Unfortunately though, it’s not quite
as rosy as it sounds. The Government have created 3 travel lists
that tell you where you can and can’t travel too. At the moment, the
Green list (the good list) is very small and even then, not all of
those countries on the Green list are allowing entry to UK residents
at the moment. The Amber & Red lists are not even worth looking
at as Red means you are not allowed to go and Amber means if
you do go you need to quarantine in a Hotel for 10 days upon
return to the UK. Due to the increasing concern around the Indian
Variant of Covid the Government are asking people not to travel to
any of the Amber list countries unless it’s essential. That narrows
down availability & travel options quite dramatically.
So, after the much anticipated and long awaited return of Foreign
Holidays a lot of us have been left thinking, what now? The lure of
some warm sunshine and golden beaches is so tempting after a
long and miserable year but with so much uncertainty in the world
and government rules & guidelines at risk of changing at the last
minute a lot of us will be banking on a staycation holiday this
If a staycation is on the cards for your summer holiday then let’s
look at some of the top 4 ways to holiday in the UK this summer.

1) Caravanning
Us British love a caravan holiday. According to the latest statistics
there are 6, 243 holiday parks in the UK. That’s insane! When I was
growing up we never owned our own touring or static caravan but
we loved a caravan holiday. We spent our summer holidays
travelling to different parts of the UK staying in statics in some
really great holiday parks. Holiday parks are a great holiday choice
for Adults & Kids alike. Some holiday parks are huge and offer day
& evening entertainment, swimming, arcades, bars & restaurants or
if that’s not your thing you can pick a quieter site to just chill out for
few days and come and go as you please. Depending on what sort
of holiday you are looking for you will be sure to find the perfect site
to fit your requirements. The options are vast if a caravan holiday is
what you are looking for, all you need to do is pick your favourite

park, do a bit of online shopping for some new holiday slogan t-
shirts, pack up your suitcase and your good to go!

2) Hotels & B&Bs
Who doesn’t love a break away in a nice Hotel or B&B
somewhere? Comfy beds, TV, Internet access, Shower, Tea &
Coffee and even a cooked breakfast in the morning. Bliss! The UK
is full of great places to explore from bustling Cities to coastal
retreats and quaint villages so if a hotel or B&B break is on the
cards for your summer staycation then your biggest challenge is
going to be picking your ideal destination!

3) Camping
Ok so how adventurous are you feeling? You’ve got camping
(traditional campsite with or without electric hookup, toilets,
showers etc) and then there’s wild camping. If you dream of
escaping into the wild and cutting off all ties with the real world for a
few days then wild camping might be just the holiday for you. Get
truly back to nature and enjoy the peace and quiet of the great
outdoors. Who doesn’t love a bit of camping? Camping can be
great fun and it’s definitely good for the soul to spend time
outdoors.The only concern is the unreliability of the UK’s weather!
Chances are you are going to have to snap up your camping
pitches pretty early to ensure you can get a pitch where you want
but then the downside to that is nobody can predict the weather 2
or 3 months down the line! But don’t let the weather ruin your
holiday. Get all your camping essentials sorted and of course some
new and essential funny camping t-shirts and camping hoodies and
you’ll be ready for anything.

4) Glamping
Glamping is a more luxurious way to camp. If you like the idea of
getting back to nature but you hate the thought of spending more
than one night lying on an airbed on the floor then glamping could
be the perfect choice for your summer staycation. There are
various different ways to glamp with options ranging from your
basic ‘pod’ with no beds or kitchen mod cons to your fully equipped
‘pods’ with beds, electric, fridge, kettle & sometimes even a hot
tub. Glamping has boomed in the passed couple of years and
there are glamping sites popping up all over the country which is
great news for those of you wishing to go glamping this summer.

Whatever way you decide to spend your summer staycation we’d
love to hear from you. Tag us in your holiday adventures on
Instagram @streetside_surgeons
Have a fun!